Use winclone to restore windows from windows system image


I had mac os sierra and windows 10 on my macbook pro but had some problems and everything was deleted by apple authorized service provider. Before that I created windows system image and now I want to recover it.

I installed windows 10 with bootcamp again but then when I try to restore from image, it formats entire ssd including osx partition. Is it possible to avoid this problem with Winclone?


If I am reading this correctly, you are not currently using Winclone, but rather using Windows tools. If my understanding is correct, you should definitely be able to create a Winclone image of just the Boot Camp partition and restore just that partition.


I created windows image before I knew about Winclone and this problem where restoring windows image wipes out entire disk including osx. So currently I have windows 10 system image on my external hard drive and the question is can I use it with Winclone to restore windows without formatting whole disk?

Sure, Winclone just restores to the partition!


So it can work even though image is not created with winclone?

I guess I misunderstood. If you create the image with Winclone, it can restore it to a partition rather than the entire disk.


I had this same issue too and why I had to return my copy of Winclone. What you want to do in this case (probably too late now) is make that bootcamp partition in macOS/OSX, but do not install Win10 to it. If you do, you won’t be able to unselect “Format partition” option.

Create a boot USB drive using Media Creation Tool (see and then boot to that (holding Option key). Then go to Troubleshoot -> System Image Restore and hook up your external drive that has the System Image you created in Windows 10 from the “Backup & Recovery (Windows 7)” part of the Control Panel. The “Format” option should be unselected for you and keep it that way.

So now you’ll be able to restore from the image without having to format the whole drive. Hope this helps!