Using MDS Variables for User Account Creation

Hey peeps,

Simple question: is it possible to use MDS’s variables (mds_var1, etc) in the user account creation process, such as using using mds_var1 for the first name and mds_var2 for the last name? Thanks!

Sort of? You can’t currently use it with the built in method, but you could create your own script to create a user based on those variables, and add it in. Might make for a good sample script.


That’s the way I’ve been doing it. Didn’t know if there was built-in functionality that I was missing. Thanks!

Interesting! I was just thinking in doing that but honestly no idea yet how to archive it. Can you share the script you are using for the user account creation? This is going to simplify my deployment process a lot! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to. Here is a github link with some configuration instructions: