Using Winclone 6 image in Winclone 7

I have an image I created with Winclone 6. If I get Winclone 7 can I restore the image I created using 6 with 7 or do I need to make a new one 7 first? Also if the image made with 6 is compatible with 7 can I update it (incremental backups) using 7?

The image from Winclone 6 will restore fine, but you can’t use it as a source for incremental. Just create a new image of the Boot Camp partition and use that image as the source for incremental.


Buenos dias.
No puedo restablecer la particion Bootcam con winclone 6, tarda mucho tiempo y creo qu eno tengo el procedimento correcto.

Puedes publicar los pasos a seguir para corroborar que no me he pasado uno.


I now have Winclone 7 Standard and I have made my first Image and also an incremental. I don’t see
a way to schedule incremental images however. The Dock icon no longer appears from where you were able to make and see scheduled backups. Is this no longer necessary since the incremental imaging is added?

We are working on scheduled incremental and it is planned for Winclone 7.2.