Using Winclone 9 to Migrate Win10 to MPB2019

I watched the Twocanoes’ step-by-step video to migrate Win10 from an older MacBookPro to a 16" 2019 MBP using Winclone 8 and was wondering if those same steps need to be taken or if they have been even more streamlined in Winclone 9?

I have an older MBP with Winclone 7 on it and I have a new 2019 16" MBP (actually “mid 2020 with the 5600 graphics card” but I think they still officially refer to it as 2019) on the way and wanted to get my ducks in a row before it arrives.

The " * Migrating Windows 10 to a 16″ MacBook Pro (2019) with Winclone 9" link on the Winclone 9 product page is broken so I wasn’t able find more info on the topic.

BTW, that step-by-step video was excellent! Makes the migration very easy to follow.

So, ultimately, I’m just trying to find out if I should use Winclone 8 and go through the steps in the video or order Winclone 9 if the steps in the video aren’t necessary anymore.

Thanks in advance!

You can skip the " Injecting Drivers" part since Winclone should now prompt to inject the drivers.


Many thanks. Will report back if there are any issues.