Using Winclone Pro 7 to install Windows applications as part of the base Windows OS deployment using MDT

I had a question about installing applications as part of your Winclone Pro 7.1.3 Windows 10 1809 installation with MDT. In the heavily modified simple task sequence that you have supplied at , there is no “State Restore” group after the “Postinstall” group. Does this mean that you cannot install any applications or Windows Updates as part of your Windows OS deployment? Are you just limited to installing the base Windows OS? If so, this would be extremely unfortunate, as one of the reasons that we purchased the upgrade to Winclone 7 Pro, was to do just that. Those the an upgrade to Winclone 7 Enterprise license offer this extended functionality?

You can add the group in and install any software you like. The article just gives a basic setup that you can modify as needed.