Verifying Integrity every wake from sleep?

Hello, I am running Winclone 8 on a Macbook Pro 16" (brand new.) I am cloning a bootcamp volume (win 10) for backup purposes. I have my backup scheduled for once per day at 9pm.

Every time I wake my machine from sleep (or startup) Winclone unmounts my bootcamp volume and spends time (approx 20min) “Verifying integrity of image.” Is this expected behavior? It’s quite annoying. I can’t access files on my bootcamp partition while Winclone is doing this.

I have attached a framegrab of the menu that appears during this event. The progress bar never changes, it just stops eventually. Also, you can see in the framegrab that even though my latest backup was May 20, my next one will occur on May 18, which seems impossible. Is this expected behavior?

Thanks for your attention.

![Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 3.26.04 PM|581x500](upload://82


I’ll look into it.