Verifying the new GPT disk was done correctly, screen grabs

I followed the directions here
Now after checking the “Get Info” in Disk Utility, here are two screen grabs.
I am being careful by checking my work.
Yet I cannot understand these images, because I do not understand all of the terms.
Any help is appreciated. – Thank you!

Here’s the second image.

The disk is definitely GUID:


Hi Tim,
Thank you for the kind reply.
The linked article is how to format the GPT disk, which is because “Boot Camp only supports GPT formatted disks.”
I believe ExFAT file system is not a problem, as Winclone (I think?) properly reformats the area where Winclone-files are stored as NTFS, automatically.
If I’ve understoof this right, then bravo Winclone!
Yet if I’m misunderstanding what I wrote, then please help me to get this right?
Thank you, Tim!
Kind regards, SomeGuy

I had some issues creating the GPT and realized that I had to reboot after I made the partition for Winclone to recognize it. Just my own experience on this yesterday.

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This is a long time. And I’m not sure how to verify the Winclone images are properly made.
The response feels incomplete, as I’m new to this. Sorry for being a n00b.