Verifying "Winclone 6.pkg" never finishes verifying

I am upgrading from V3 to Version 6 as some time ago upgraded Mac to 10.11.
Have down loaded from two canoes Wincone 6 from website.
Opened the dmg file and double clicked on Winclone 6 pkg.
Brings up Verifying “Winclone 6.pkg” but never finishes verifying.
I have 11.89 GB available on the drive I am using.

Reason for using Incline 6 is to move all my stuff to a larger SSD on a mid 2010 MacBook Pro with a 256 GB SSD and original 500 GB HD. Which worked very well but I have run out of space.


We have not seen that issue before. Can you try restarting and see if you can then mount the disk? Also, try downloading it again and see if it was just a bad download.


It was caused by not enough room on the target disk. Switched to a USB 1TB drive and the installation went fine.

When I go to put in the key number in preferences, the Winclone 6 wants me to choose something and does not let me type in the key. Got a suggestion for that one?

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You need to select “active license” before entering any information. Let me know if that works.

Thanks. Got it and love it.



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