Version 2.0.1 password of admin user does not work

The general setup of a new iMacPro is not clear. HFS formated volumes are not recognized in cmd-R/terminal cd /Volumes. I therefore can not start the run command.
So I changed the ssd formaT to APFS and recopied the whole workflow unto it. Booting worked fine. After it was finished doing it’s things, I was confronted with a user profile I could not log in because of a password I did not know. The one I gave it in the workflow, did not work. Could the Nomad Package do that? I removed all scripts from the workflow but no luck.
Any ideas?

You should be able to boot to recovery and run the workflows from an HFS+ volume instead of booting to the external volume. As for the user profile, do you mean a user account and it had an unknown password?