Version 7.2.1 restore stuck a long time "extracting file data"

I installed the latest winclone version 7.2.1 :installed windows 10 on new MAC customized, and took backup with Winclone. I am running high Sierra on a new IMAC straight from the box.
Doing a restore from backup : after 10-15 minutes Winclone got stuck at 90% “extracting the data” After one hour 30 mns , there is 2.6MB! on the bootcamp partition. No error message given .The activity monitor showing Winclone doing nothing: 0% cpu and does not have any sub-processes active.
I thought it was stuck but left it running and after 3 hours it had completed!!
Why does it show 90% after 10-15mns, seems to do nothing for over an hour and eventually completes!

There is an issue with the progress bar in some operations. We are releasing a fix this week to resolve this issue. Sorry about that.


Be advise Time Machine causes problems, check forum for solution and how to avoid issue.

There is a new 7.3 beta as well: