Version for XP under Sierra?

I just bought Winclone 7, was dismayed that it didn’t support my WinXP SP3 Boot Camp partition, but was glad to see that previous versions are provided with my license. I’m told that “Windows XP users will need Winclone 3”, but that is only supposed to run up to MacOS 10.10. Nevertheless WinClone 3.7 does start up under Sierra 10.12, but unfortunately trying to image a Boot Camp partition reports the error “Could not set permissions! - Winclone could not set the helper tool to the correct permissions.” Fortunately, I was able to make a successful backup image by booting from an earlier MacOS on an external drive partition, but that was slow and a hassle.

Given that Winclone 3.7 runs under Sierra, could you issue an update to bypass the “Could not set permissions” error? Even better, could you please beef up Winclone 7 to support WinXP and Win7 32-bit Boot Camp partitions? As a longtime Winclone user, it’s disconcerting to find each new version having less capability. These old WinXP and Win7-32 partitions still work great in Boot Camp regardless of updates to MacOS partitions, so why should Winclone no longer be able to support them?

We did drop support for Windows XP as it is very difficult for us to test and few people still use it. I would recommend using a VM like VMWare Fusion to run XP.


Yes, VMware Fusion is exactly what I employ for my primary WinXP usage. But I sometimes need to run WinXP in Boot Camp for Blu-ray playback and games that cannot work in a VM. Since it works fine in earlier versions, I don’t know why you should have to drop XP, and I’m even more surprised that you would drop Win7 32-bit. These operating systems have real advantages for specific use cases as well as a large installation base until very recently. If someone has a working Boot Camp partition that’s only used occasionally, it may not be worth “upgrading” (if that’s the word) to Win8 or whatever just so Winclone will continue to work. It seems much more friendly for Winclone to continue to accommodate older Boot Camp partitions.

Thanks for the feedback. It is helpful.


You’re welcome… thanks for considering it!

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