Version of WinClone that supports both El Capitan and Mojave


I currently have Winclone 4.0.1 installed on my El Capitan Macs. 4.0.1 runs fine in El Capitan except for the annoying fact that I have to keep disabling SIP every time I need to restore a Winclone image.

I also have a Mac Mini Server which is running Mojave. I installed Winclone 4.0.1 on this Mac also but every time I try to create a Winclone image, I get an error “Operation Failed! Save MBR failed! Additional information: (null)”

Is my backup failing because Winclone 4.0.1 is not supported under Mojave. If that is the case and I need to upgrade Winclone to a newer version, is there a version that will run under both El Capitan and Mojave? I looked at Winclone 7 but it doesn’t look like it supports El Capitan.

Any help or advice I can get will be greatly appreciated.


You can download earlier versions here:


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Thanks you very much for the info. I went ahead and did as you suggested. :slight_smile: