VM auto log out not working

I am using OSX high sierra as my host, windows 10 VM, VMware 10, and Bootrunner 3, i believe that I have completed all of the steps. in windows the batch file creates a file in the proper folder. the problem i have is it does not appear the gpedit logout is running the batch file, and it does not look as though bootrunner on the mac side detects the created file and subsequently log out of the windows VM. would you have some updated documentation?

i have ran the bootrunner logout script from the mac side and it does log windows out, so i know that works

This mechanism is handled by a launchagent in /Library/LaunchAgents/com.twocanoes.bootlauncher.plist. Make sure that file exists. Looking at it, you can see that it watches for a file called “/Users/Shared/.com.twocanoes.bootrunnerlogout”. As soon as that is created, “/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/Boot Runner.app/Contents/Resources/bootlauncher” is run and the mac should log out.

It is also possible that you need to allow accessibility on 10.14 due to the security updates. Just add Boot Runner to accessibility in Security&Privacy under Privacy->Accessibility.


I have checked all of that and it seems to be OK, when I manually run the batch file it successfully creates the .com.twocanoes.bootrunnerlogout file, the logout script in gpedit does not create the file. would i be correct in assuming that even if I manually run the batch, bootrunner should see the created file and attempt to close the app down? if i manually run the logout script on the Mac side from: library/application support/Twocanoes/Boot runner/ that sucessfully logs out my VMware and MacOs and goes back to the bootrunner login screen.

so… both of the scripts work by themselves, it’s the automation that appears to be the issue

I am not accustomed to writing in forums, forgive me if I’m not clear.

I assume you are following this article:

Did you manually try and create the file? Did it force a logout?


I am on mojave with bootrunner 3.1. Can it boot any vm? does it have to be vmware? or can it be virtualbox or parallels vm?