VMWare Fusion to Bootcamp

I have a VMWare Fusion instance of WIndows 10. I would like to clone that and then create an ISO (or some other format) to use for Bootcamp.

Is that possible?

I was able to create an image to a USB drive from my VMWare Fusion Windows 10 installation using Acronis.
I was then able to use Winclone to clone that to the Bootcamp drive, no I’m not able to boot.

Try booting it up in VMWare fusion from the Boot Camp partition, then uninstall and reinstall the boot camp drivers. Then try booting to the partition.


You can’t run the Boot camp installer on a VMWare instance of Windows 10, I get the “This software is not compatible with this machine type.”

So here’s my issue.

  1. Was able to create a clone of a Windows 10 VMWare Fusion installation.
  2. I restored that clone to a Bootcamp drive successfully.
  3. When I boot that boot camp drive, I get “Innaccessable boot drive”
  4. That drive WILL actually boot properly using VMWare Fusion

What is the issue and how can I solve this?


The boot camp installer folder has individual drivers within the folder. You can try installing them individually as well.


I’ll give that a shot.

Tries this, it didn’t work. I don’t understand how a Bootcamp drive will boot fine under VMWare Fusion and not work under boot camp. Since this drive was created from Winclone, I’m a bit perplexed.

It is related to drivers. VMWare can boot with minimal drivers, since it presents a vanilla hardware to the OS. When Windows boots natively, the mass store driver can prevent booting. Did the drivers install correctly?

They did not. I tried individually installing each driver and running through the installation process.

I’m sort of stuck.