Volume to Volume failing "failed integrity check"

Hello chaps,

I’m looking to restore and Windows 7 drive to bootcamp, following this guide for Winclone 6 but using Winclone 7.

It all seems to be going well - I have sysprepped the machine, shutdown, removed the drive and connected to my USB dock, begun volume to volume cloning and at some point in Extracting Data, I get the below error message:

Any help would be gratefully received as we really need to migrate these machines to Bootcamp this week!
Many thanks!

Try saving an image to a file first, then restore the image. If that gives the same error, switch to block based imaging in the preferences and create an image again. That should resolve the issue.


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Thanks for the help tim, the image create successfully (apparently!) and I have deployed the image to the volume, this completed successfully (apparently!) but when i boot into this partition, it notices it as Windows and gives me a blue screen (not quite of death) that I have attached below.

The computer will sit with this screen for 30 seconds or so before turning off, no text, sounds or other discernable warnings occur.

Any help greatly appreciated! This is cloning a W7 64 bit machine/image to a 27" iMac mid 2015, Sierra (not high sierra)

So it is just a solid blue screen with no text on it? I have not seen that before.

I think the issue is the version of Windows. According to this article, Windows 7 is support on iMacs up to 2014.