Volume to Volume on Winclone 9 Standard it doesn't work

I only bought Winclone 9 Standard to clone my bootcamp to a external SSD and this tool doesn’t work.

Why is this not working?



Please try saving an image and then restoring. This should resolve the issue.


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Hi Tim.
How are you?

First off all, thank’s for your help.

I’ve been trying deferent ways to solve this issue but it doesn’t works, this message always appear.
I have formatted the storage ssd in different partitions but it doesn’t work.
Do you have another solution to this?

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Try creating an image then restoring it.


I Created a image, but when I’m restoring that, the message above always appears in the end of process.

I don’t know what happens.


Is your target disk partitioned as GPT using Mac Disk Utility? another good idea is to disable SIP