Volume to Volume questions

My goal is to replace the drive containing Win7 Bootcamp in my Mac Pro (Mojave) with a new, larger one.

If I install the new drive and create a new larger partition, then make a Volume to Volume clone and remove the original drive, will I be able to boot from the new cloned partition without any extra steps ? If extra work is needed, is the process detailed somewhere ?

And secondly, will the clone process automatically use the extra space on the new larger partition, or are there extra steps needed for this ?

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The process is outlined here:



Thanks for the quick reply ! That’s not really the same scenario, though. My goal here is to move the existing Bootcamp to a new larger drive on the same Mac.

I could follow the process you’ve pointed me to, but it seems to involve twice the copying time (To and from an image, rather than just from one partition to another.) Will the Volume to Volume process not work as I expect ?

Volume to volume uses a block copy which has some stricter constraints (physical block size must be the same, windows must be shut down completely, doesn’t leave you with an image of the boot camp partition).