W10 boot on macMini with T2

After days of tries, reading closely https://twocanoes.com/create-a-windows-10-bootable-usb-flash-drive-on-a-mac/ I still cannot boot on external drive.
I can see the EFI boot drive but no windows logo at all. few apple logos, the screen blink … and nothing. never a windows logo.
I tired multiple disks. USB-C or USB-A connected, SIP disabled, nothing is working…
any idea of next step troubleshooting?

Did you enable external booting in the Startup System Utility? T2 macs block external booting until that is enabled.


Yes I did. Same as the video.
I let the security as full.

What is the good iso to use there … I’m using an MSDN one …

The ISO shouldn’t matter. Try changing the Secure Boot to None as a test.


Yes, I just did that and it’s worked …
I’ll do some tests to see if it’s need to stay like that…