Well ... Did it work or not?

OK. Not impressed … putting aside the attempt of the in-app purchasing to send data to google analytics …My first run of the newly purchased app resulted in having two conflicting messages … one says that there was an error (no further info was given) … followed immediately by the backup was successful.

Well … which applies? Did it work or not? How can I tell?

The UI does not seem to give any indication of an issue … it just went back to the start with those four big buttons … none of which seem to allow for verification of the backup (!!!) … and the menus show a ‘console log’ which does not seem too have anything to do with this app … and then there seems to be no support other than forums … and no preview before purchase …

Sorry you are having issues. We don’t use Google Analytics in the app, though we do check for some resources on twocanoes.com (and process payments via our provider, Paddle.com).

I am not sure about the error you are getting, but it sounds disk related. I recommend running CHKDSK /b in Windows and try creating the image.

As for verification, you can restore the Winclone image to a disk image to verify restore.

The console log option opens the main mac os console. Enter in “Winclone” to filter on Winclone messages, then try creating another image, and the Winclone related messages will show.