Where to create windows partition?

A couple of very basic questions. My Fusion Drive crashed and now I’m trying to restore using WinClone 10 on Mac with OS X 10.15.7. I need to create the partition for windows, but I’m not sure where to do it.
My drive structure is:
SamSung SSD > identified as the physical disk
—Container disk2 > identified as an APFS Container
------Macintosh HD > identified as an APFS Volume
------Macintosh HD - Data > identified as an APFS Volume
Apple support said to partition “Macintosh HD”, but that doesn’t seem right. Which of those elements should I select to partition? And Q 2, my original Boot Camp portion was over 400GB. I only used about 70GB of it, so I’d like to reduce the new portion to 200GB. Will the WinClone image from the 400GB portion load into a new 200GB partition? Thank you.

EDIT: Let me answer my own questions. Yes, the HD Macintosh volume was the place to create the windows partition. Just make sure it is a partition and not a volume. And no, you can’t load a larger image into a smaller partition. However, you can follow the instructions in the online tutorial to make it happen. I created a partition large enough to accept my existing image and then loaded the image. I then used WinClone to shrink the the file system. I created a new image of the shrunken system. Next the larger partition was deleted, and a smaller one was created, making sure it was large enough to accept the smaller image. I then loaded the smaller image back into the smaller partition, and all was well.

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Great! Thanks for posting your answer! Very helpful.