Which version of Winclone for expanding bootcamp partition?

Due to problems with my Windows 7 Bootcamp partition I bought the Winclone Basic version.

After starting Windows 7: " Windows starting…" I got a black screen. Win7 refused to start.

Because the Bootcamp partition is 80GB and just 3GB of free space left, I thought it wasn’t enough for Win7 to start.
That’s why I want to resize the Bootcamp partition to approximate 150GB. Is this probably a solution?
Does my Winclone Basic version do this?

It does, but you shouldn’t have to do that. Shrinking is usually done when restoring to a smaller partition.First, make a backup of any critical files in case something goes wrong (since you’ll be removing the partition and all data).

I would recommend switching to block based imaging (in preferences), and create a Winclone image of the drive. Then remove the boot camp partition and create a larger one, then restore the Winclone image.

The process is outlined here: