WIM error and usage is misleading

Hello. I purchased Winclone (7.3.4: 42138; Standard edition) to make backups and potentially restore a Windows 10 machine running through Apple’s Bootcamp. I am using MacOS Mojave 10.14.4. I create ~100 GB images about twice a month. Today, I attempted to restore an image created by Winclone.

I used Apple Disk Utility to make a new larger Ext-FAT partition inside the general APPLE SSD Media (Internal disk) which I am hoping to restore to. Using an image of the previous ~150 GB WINDOWS partition the restore process fails after changing the disk to NTFS with the error:

WIM-based restore device to device failed integrity check. Please check disk and try again, try block-based cloning, or save image then restore.

When I attempt again with a saved image from two weeks ago I am able to restore the machine and boot into windows, which is nice BUT it means I lost two weeks of work as attempting to restore from an image made today results in the error. Parenthetically, it would be helpful to have updated DOCS / examples for resizing partitions on the Mac using Mojave and Disk Utility / APFS containers etc. are different than previous versions. Secondly, I am not an expert, but the error which states WIM is confusing; as I purchased the standard version and the program tells me it can’t create WIM images/backups, but the error says it is a WIM error. I have seen the posts that say to use block-based imaging instead of WIM, but the original Windows partition was destroyed in the re-formatting of the drive to make it larger so I can’t make a new block-based image to attempt to restore from today’s saved image.

Is there any way to recover the image I made today that gives the WIM error?

Okay, here is an update. As mentioned, I first attempted to restore an image made (let’s say) today and it failed with the error mentioned in the original post. Then I attempted to restore an image from two weeks ago, which worked. So for kicks, I then re-attempted to restore from the image made “today” and it worked, but only after I restored using an image two weeks ago. Thought I would close my story out in case it might help someone else.