WIM file is invalid

Hi I’m using Winclone 7 on Mojave with Windows 10 version 1903 on bootcamp using mac mini 2014
At the end of the create image from volume process after seemly completing the process after about 15 hours it comes up with an alert “Wim file is invalid” (at end of validation process) then it says the message about it being “successful” (the message you see when everything is finished sorry I can’t remember exactly). I check that the output file (Cloned image file) is about the right size 100-200G and no immediate corrupt file messages show when I go: get info on that file or copy it somewhere. Can someone tell me if my backup is OK and will work if I try to use it? They seem to be two conflicting messages appearing straight after one another.

Where are you saving the image? It is the first error and success message is wrong. Try saving to Mac formatted Volume and/or check your disk space. You can also restore to a disk image to check the files.

Hi Maren, Thanks for that I will check the file (by restoring to a disk image) and see if it’s ok. There is a compatibility problem currently with the latest version of mac OS Mojave (plus it’s subsequent update) and Windows 10 v 1903 with bootcamp unable to boot between the two operating systems at the moment. It’s to do with the new format Apple are using. If I go to diskpart in windows it can’t even see the Mac partition on my 50/50 drive due to this incompatibility problem. I have a feeling this is the background to that error because I have used that network drive for winclone backups before successfully so I don’t expect to have a problem now with the destination for my winclone backup.

Let me know what happens. We will check the Mojave and Windows 10 v 1903 compatibility.