WIM shrink NTFS

I understand that the FAQ’s say there is no need to shrink NTFS files in WIM, and the only way to recover that option is by using block -based (in preferences, where it is noted to be less compatible). Anyway, if I have a 40 gB sparse image that I want to shrink in order to restore to a new boot camp partition that is less than 40 gB how do I go about doing so? Do I have to revert to block based imaging? Or in WIM based imaging, will winclone ‘know’ that it can fit on a smaller partition?

WIM-based imaging is file based, so it copies the files with the correct permissions and security descriptors. If you have a 40 GB partition but the files only use up 20 GB, you only need a 20 GB partition to restore the files.


Thank you! Since I have to create a new bootcamp partition, but only want to devote the minimum space required, how can I find out my size requirements? In the old block method I could tell how small the new image was shrunk to

The image should show the size of the used space, which should be the minimum size of partition.