Win 10 error 0xc0000000e after restore image when booting

Hello all, getting error 0xc0000000e in bootcamp win 10 [32bit] when trying to boot after i restored the image to a SK hynix SSD.using Winclone 6 . i didn’t have the SIP disabled , and didn’t run chkdsk [because always checking the disk with Advanced System Care pro]in el capitan on my early 2008 MBP. Is there anyway to fix the boot error or do i have to put my old hard drive back in and do it all again.

Are you moving from a non-SSD to a SSD? If so, Windows may need to rediscover the mass storage device. The 0xc0000000e error is “required device is inaccessible”.


moving from seagate momentus XT hybrid

How do i rediscover the mass storage device?

I am having the same error after moving from non-SSD to a SSD.

guess what ,i just got back from my new bootcamp side,which is a bit of an indictment for winclone software. because i had to get a work around . which was rearrange my info.plist in bootcamp assistant [and i learned a new word [Xcode] so i could use a win10 install disk and did a clean install. from a bloke that thought “sudo” was probably a strange african beast a day or so ago,i’m proud of myself ,but i’m also stuffed ,and my head is spinning a bit. it all worked out ok because i needed to update from a 32bit win10 to 64bit at some stage. a big big thanks to all the help from all the blogs etc .for a mug like me they were a life saver ,
if i can be of any assistance to anybody with similar hardware don’t be backward in coming forward . if mechanics treated us like software companies,they’d be out of business. we buy apps from them to do a job and we can’t seem to do a thing when they don’t do what they’re advertised to do. and when we go to knock on the door,they just send a message saying "you people just talk amongst yourselves ,good luck"
my hardware etc is if it’s any help to anybody an early 2008 MBP 4,1 with el capitan and win10 pro ,moving camp from a seagate momentus XT hybrid drive to a SK hynix SSD.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Restoring from a non-SSD to a SSD. Does anyone know a workaround that doesn’t involve a clean re-install?

i didn’t find out if my error was because i was going from non-SSD to an SSD or if it was because the problem was with the winclone 6 i used ,or how i used it . i’m sorry that really doesn’t help much. i did read a post where the bloke claimed to be able to fix it when he got the computer to see the install disk and hit the repair link down on the lower left hand side . but i couldn’t get that far to try it .