Win10 restore fail

I am using winclone 6.2.2 to restore win10 but not one time was successful. Actually, I reinstalled win10 again on Mar 2018 due to the failure of restoring winclone image. Today, I try to restore win10 with last winclone backup but the same, which was failed again and with error code 50. My win10 partition was still there but fail to boot anymore. Please help!
My mac os 10.13.3 high sierra with apfs and I already disable sip.

This article may help with the 2018 MacBoot Pro.

For the others, please attach the log:

log show --style syslog --predicate ‘process contains[cd] “winclone”’ --info --last 2d

(you can adjust the argument of “2d” from 2 days to other time periods that you want the log, like “10m” for the last 10 minutes or 3h for the last 3 hours).

Hi Tim,
The log may too long to directly attached here. How can I attach the log with a text file? Or how can I use the submit log from winclone?

I have submitted the log from winclone by help --> submit logs…

Thank you.

Please zip / compress it and send it to