Win10 to T2 MBP

I’m having nothing but heartache trying to move my BC partition from my old MBP to my new 16" T2 MBP.

I’ve followed the steps in the video several times, and each time I end up with a bootable Win10 partition, but without any drivers for the KB or WiFi, etc, so the machine is unusable.

The article describing the process is built around WC8, so it doesn’t tell you what to do when WC9 asks to inject the drivers after restoring the partition. I’ve tried both ways and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I’ve created a BC partition using Apple’s BC Assistant, just to prove to myself that I can build a good system, and it works fine, well, except for not having all my files.

Ultimately, I want to move the BC partition to an external SSD, but I still think my first step is getting a working partition on the internal SSD.

What do do next?


Once you have Windows booting, try installing the Windows drivers from Apple. You can either use setup.exe or right click on the inf drivers and select Install.