Winclobe Backup error

Hi. I have Winclone Basic (v6.0.4) and when I have been running a backup (from the menu), it always finishes with an error.

Bootcamp Backup error!
There was a problem with the Bootcamp backup. (etc…)

It then advises to go to console to see the error. It appears the backup is complete and the error message just signals the end of the backup. Here are the last two console messages:

  • Winclone Menu[2341]: Creating Symbolic Link from /Volumes/Passport Ultra/Latest Bootcamp backup/bootcamp/08-07-2017-175249/ to /Volumes/Passport Ultra/Latest Bootcamp backup/bootcamp/current
  • diagnosticd[125]: error evaluating process info - pid: 3226, puniqueid: 3226

Not a big thing but was just curious.

Is the Passport Ultra formatted as Windows (FAT32) or Mac (HFS+)?


Yes it is. HFS+ (OSX extended).

Strange. Can you send me the entire log after running a backup? You can do it right within the app:


Hi, I will try to do this in the next few days. I can’t get to it now. Thx.

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