Winclone 10 - nothing happens clicking on "restore image -> restore"

I am a happy customer using Winclone since Version 3
I got Winclone 10 and created an image a month ago.
But when trying to restore the image nothing happens.

I click on
→ Restore Image
→ Select Source" → Pick the right image (103GB in size) → Click on Open
→ Select Destination → Selecting my Windows Partition
→ Restore Image
→ Restore

but then nothing happens…

When I select the dropdown Menu above “Select Source” there is just a checkoff symbol.

What am I doing wrong?

It is annoying that Winclone just bails out in this case, without any indication why.

Check the log file, menu Window->Show log
In my case it said that Winclone had problems reading the WIM information, another indication is that there are no text, just a checkoff symbol in the “Select Source” dropdown.
=> The backup image is damaged, probably since there were disk hardware errors when the image was created?

Unfortunately, this probably means the backup image is worthless, unless there is a way to go around this error and restore anyway?

No, since image is monolithic, this type of error means the backup is bad. Sorry.