Winclone 10 SSD works on iMac but not on 2020 Macbook Pro with Intel processor

I used the new Winclone 10 to create an image of my Botcamp drive and then restored it to my new 500G SSD. It works on my 2017 iMac running the latest Big Sur but not on my 2020 MacBook Pro- Intel based.
So I redid the Booctcamp installation with the new feature in Winclone 10 using a Windows 10 64bit isoimage and loading the Windows Support drivers from Apple. Once again it boots and runs great on my iMac but on my 256G SSD MacBook which is where I need this extra disc space it fails. I can boot into safe mode using a keyboard and F8 key on the occasional boot that gives me this option. Most of the time, I load the Windows blue logo with a running circle under it before it turns to a black screen at 10 seconds and reboots the MacBook. Both computers are configured thru Command-R to allow booting from an external disk.

I even ran all Windows updates and all Apple Bootcamp updates on the iMac on this new SSD Bootcamp installation but it still fails when I run it on my MackBook.

Any other ideas?