Winclone 10 standard stuck at 90% restore on new SSD

As the title states, I’ve tried 3 times with seperate clean bootcamp partitions on my new SSD, each time it goes pretty quickly until the 90% mark and then just freezes, left it over night and came back to it still at 90%.

Using an a1398 macbook pro with a new 1tb crucial SSD and adapter, the SSD is not the problem as I tested that, same for the adapter.
Typing this on the original SSD’s bootcamp partition so no issues with that.

I’ve looked at all the other stuck at 90% posts and none of their solutions have worked.

Really need help with this or a refund

I’ve now sorted this with a different application and just want a refund

Email with your purchasing email and we will issue a refund.

Anche a ma succede che si blocchi al 90% ma quando lancio windows tutto funzione regolarmente. Non so perchè.