Winclone 4 Migration Shrink non-functional

My old MacBook died, but I salvaged the hard drive. I want to migrate to my new 2017 MacBook pro with Mojave. To date, nothing on WinClone has functioned. To start with, I only have 500 GB Hardrive (I used to have 1 TB). Shrinking the file system reduced the drive from 128 GB Space and 300 GB partition to 128 GB and 300 GB (nothing changed). I don’t have 300 GB to spare for windows. If we manage this problem, we’ll move on to the iso file required to make the partition, which I don’t have.

Thank you!

If you salvaged the hard drive, you can shrink the windows partition prior to migrating it and should be able to make a Winclone image that will restore to a partition at least the size of the used space. Make sure to have a good backup and a Winclone image of it prior to shrinking just in case of errors.


Yes, I used the shrink function in Winclone. It whirred around for about 15 minutes and said it was finished. When the windows partition reappeared in winclone, its partition size was unchanged.

then I tried expanding the partition, which I know is counter intuitive. That worked just fine. Then I re-shrunk it. The partition remains 300 gb. sigh

The shrink function does not change the size of the partition but rather changes the size of the filesystem. You have to restore the shrunken filesystem to a smaller partition to see a size change.