Winclone 4 too old, Winclone 8 too new

I have a MBP Early 2011.

The maximum OS it supports is 10.13.6

I own:
Winclone Pro 3
Winclone 4
Winclone 8

Winclone 3 seems to not work on the Mac
Winclone 4 the license won’t install… errors out as an invalid license.
Winclone 8 won’t install because it supports only 10.14 or higher.


I recommend Winclone 7. If you already own Winclone 8, you can download it for free here:


I need Winclone 5.x for OSx 10.9.5
Where can I buy it?


Buy Winclone 8 and then you can download prior versions here: