Winclone 5.3 not able to make the partition bootable - SIP disabled

I have WinClone5 running on MacMini 2012 (internal drive) macOS Sierra (version 10.12)
The Integrity protection is disabled - I double checked.
After restoring an image (use to work) the partition is not bootable.
I delete the partition and created a new one (same size)
Attempted a restore with 2 different images (Windows 7 & Windows 10) - No errors - the partition again is not bootable.
When attempting to switch the partition between Legacy boot and EFI boot - I get a message that Winclone is not able to write due to integrity protection. However SIP is disabled.
Please help.


When you are booted into the Mac partition (not recovery), run this command in Terminal:

sudo csrutil status

and see what it returns.


System Integrity Protection status: disabled.

What can I do? I have purchased your new version 6. Will try it…

Do you have any other security or antivirus software installed?


No antivirus. It was a vanilla Mac installation, with Winclone 5 installed, only used for backup/recovery of the Windows BOOTCAMP partition. It was working great. I usually will login to the MAC installation once a year to apply security updates and do Winclone backups. All other work in the machine was done in Windows 10.
The only thing special was that originally I used Winclone 4 than upgraded the MAC OS and upgraded to Winclone 5 in order to gain Windows 10 support.

After upgrading the Mac OS to High Sierra and purchasing/installing Winclone 6 - I am able to restore with some workarounds.
In Winclone 6 the partition restoration failed at the end of the restore process with not able to restore the MBR boot method… (I lost the exact message). I attempted to switch the BOOTCAMP boot method, but the option was not available.
I restarted Winclone 6 and chose to switch BOOTCAMP partition to EFI boot.
After this I was able to boot into my Windows partition without issues.

I consider myself experienced in software development and system administration and if any log message will help you - I will be happy to send log files.