WinClone 5.7.6 (6758) And Windows 8.1

I have a couple of questions and Issues.

The Mac partition is running 10.12.6
The PC partition is running Windows 8.1 Pro.


I have a PNY 480 internal on my Mid 2011 Mac mini. I want to accomplish two things.

  1. Create a viable backup strategy for the bootcamp partition.
  2. Copy my current Mac and Bootcamp Partitions from the 480 to a larger Patriot Burst 960.

Issue 1. I use to have windows 7 installed in bootcamp and recently upgraded to windows 8.1. It seems to me I use to be able to clone the internal bootcamp partition to an external USB drive, and then be able to boot from that drive. The advantage of keeping a bootable copy of the drive, as opposed to the image, is that all the files are accessible to be read if needed as opposed to having to restore the image just to read the files, as well as being able to boot from the external drive if necessary in an emergency.

I can no longer do that as for some reason. When I try to boot from the external USB drive, Windows reports an error (though it doesn’t say what) and after a few reboots stops trying and asks for a repair disk.

Thinking it was an hardware error because it was trying to boot from the external, not internal drive, I booted from the PNY 480, used WinClone to clone the internal Bootcamp partition to the Patriot 960, then swapped out the PNY with the Patriot 960 in the Mac mini. This still produced a similar error. I then tried the “Make EFI bootable” option from the Mac system. the result was booting into the bootcamp partition of the Patriot 960 (again, now the internal SSD) would appear to start booting normally, but then go to a black screen and never progress beyond that.

I have now reinstalled the PNY 480 back in the Mac mini. Both the Mac and Bootcamp partitions boot properly.

Is this problem

  1. I need to make a image of the internal bootcamp partition of the old PNY 480, install the new Patriot 960, and then restore that image?

  2. Get an updated version of Winclone, as my version is not compatible?

  3. Both?

  4. None of the above?

  5. Aliens taking their revenge because I did not agree to help them with their plans to invade earth and convert it to a planet of mutant alien/human hybrids?

I’ve run out of disk space on both the Mac and PC partitions, and need more room.

It sounds like the issue is Windows drivers for the interface between the Mac and the internal drive. It doesn’t really seem like it is an issue with the restore.

Equally possible it is the aliens.


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Well I solved the problem, though it was somewhat involved.

  1. I partitioned the new drive with a Mac and Windows fat partition

  2. Cloned the Mac drive with super duper

  3. saved and image of the windows partition, and saved it to the desktop of the Mac clone.

  4. replaced the internal drive with the new drive and booted from the Mac partition

  5. restored windows from the the image back to the windows partition.

  6. Windows worked.

If I remember correctly, Winclone does not let you make a bootable copy of Bootcamp to an external drive, but I could be wrong.

Either way, at least I have the new larger SSD working for both the Mac and Windows partitions, and have a backed up image of both.