WInclone 5 and 6 and WIndows 7: HD to SSD SOLVED

I hope my experience will save someone time as it took me 1 day to figure this out.

I have to change out the HD in about 8 IMACS models 2013 to 2014 usually running OS 10.10 to 10.13.

We have them exclusively using Windows 7 to run medical software and cannot upgrade to Windows 10. We do not even run them as Macs (hence the old MacOs)

I decide to give all the terminals a kick by changing out the HD to SSD. Cloning the BOOTCAMP of each Imac and copy to the new SSD is ideal. I used Crucial Drives.

I got Winclone 5 and was able to move over one SSD with no problem.

When I then tried two other Imacs: I ran into issues.

  1. I tried booting Windows from the SSD but either it would not boot, gets a boot into safe mode screen and then a blue screen before a crash.

  2. I tired multiple clonings after multiple runs of chkdsk, etc. I turned off SIP. I did EFI and Legacy clones. I did not want to SYSprep the Windows (might as well just install clean).

I read all the advice on the forum, etc.

I could not understand why it worked the first time but not the second.

Until I read a post about how booting windows from a external drive might be an issue since Windows wants to boot from the internal drive and if cannot, it will crash.

I then took out the HD and popped in the SSD and BOOM! it worked! ( the SSD auto ran chkdsk and then added a driver).

In the first SSD I moved, I had used “select startup disk” to choose the Windows bootcamp but probably choose the old one (you cannot tell which Windows you are using) and thinking it worked, I switched out the drive.

In the second and third Imac, I used ALT at startup to choose the WINDOWS drive (since you can see which are the HD and the SSD drives) and choosing the SSD windows, it failed to boot.

I look forward now to change out the remaining 5 Imacs in my office.


Updating to say 10.13 on the Mac side with the latest security updates would give you boot rom updates.

If these are 27" iMacs and you want to put a NVMe SSD in them then having an updated Boot ROM before installing the SSD is important. Though putting a blade SSD whilst it will give better performance is a lot more work than simply replacing the HDD with a SSD. If these are 21.5" they can only have a blade SSD installed if it came with one from the factory, so most likely replacing the HDD with a SATA SSD would be your only option.

If you want the very latest Boot ROM you might need Mojave or newer with all security updates. However Mojave requires Winclone 7 or Winclone 8, so you would probably want to see if installing Mojave to an external drive updated the Boot ROM so you could leave High Sierra on the internal drive.

These are 21" IMacs. We never use the MacOs side, so they are left as Windows 7 machines.

Why you ask? We use a medical electronic software called Medinotes E which was last updated in 2012 and only runs on Windows. (In Windows 10, the software overtasks the CPU!) The Imacs were perfect all in one computers in examination rooms.

I do have an Imac 27" 2013 with a hybrid drive I want to update (and figure this out) But that will stay Mac for my pleasure.

I am not worried about lack of Windows 7 support. The computers are behind a Watchguard Firewall and, in 15 years I never have had a virus (but lots of web trackers!)