Winclone 5 restores image and Windows will not boot

I have a 475GB Bootcamp partition on the native HDD of my MBPro. I used Winclone to successfully create an image. The target is a 805GB MS-DOS FAT partition that I created on a USB2.0 connected SSD.

After Winclone successfully creates an image and restore it. Windows begins to boot and then either bluescreens and restarts or just restarts. In safe-mode, it has halted on AVG driers (which I then uninstalled, created new images and restored) and now it’s halting at CLASSPNP.

Each time I go through the process of creating an image and restoring it, it’s causing my computer to be unavailable for almost a whole day (5-6hrs to create the image, 5-6 hours to restore it.)

I bought this product because it was the recommended easy way to migrate bootcamp disks.

Externally booting can be problematic depending on the version of Windows, the external drive, and the drivers. This article covers it: