Winclone 6.0.4 Bootcamp Restore Error

I Save Bootcamp image,restore bootcamp is Error
macos 10.12.5

Try switching between EFI and Legacy mode:


Hi I Restore And Select Tools -> EFI -> Restore OK
But Start Windows Is Very Slow

Can you explain a bit more by “slow”. Do you mean it stay on the boot screen for a long time? EFI booting is usually very fast. You can try turning on boot messages:


Before I Use os x el capitan + winclone 5 very great , Now I Update Winclone 6 + macos sierra ->Save Image -> Close SIP -> Restore Image -> Tools -> Make EFI or Legacy Both test -> Restart Computer ->Original Bootcamp Start Computer to desktop 10 second -> Now Need three minute the above

el capitan + winclone 5 -> test ok (Restore Disk name keep Bootcamp)
Winclone 6 + macos sierra -> very slow (Restore Disk Name is Untitled)

PS:My Mac is iMac 5K + 512GB SSD

or Winclone 5 can support macos sierra?
I continue to use Winclone 5 Backup
Do not use Winclone 6 Backup

If you switch to block based mode in the preferences in Winclone 6, it should be exactly like Winclone 5.