WinClone 6.1.8 failed continously in restoring partition

THis Version (6.1.8) is simply not useable:
I needed to restore a crashed Bootcamp partition, but it does not finish restore whilesyncing ad infinitum

With WinClone 5 it worked some month before - now the product leaves a destroyed partition - that’s not the intended use of those tool.

MacOS 10.12.6 / 2x6 c / 96 GB RAM / 4x 1TB SSD


WinClone 5.7.6. does the job now flawlessly (which i am glad for, otherwise i had lost some data)

I switched back to version 5 as the version 6 puts my backups at risk.

Winclone 6 has “block based mode” which should be the same as what Winclone 5 did. You can switch to block-based mode in the preferences.