Winclone 6 6.0.4 restores

Is everyone having good luck restoring Winclone 6.0.4 images?

I’ve found restoring backups taken with Winclone Pro 6 to be problematic - the last time I had to restore my Win10 system onto a Bootcamp on my 3TB fusion drive I had to restore Winclone Pro 5 and restore from a Jan 2017 Winclone 5 backup. The Winclone 6 Pro app refused to restore any of the Winclone Pro 6 images I’d taken. The WCP6 backups would appear to work fine, but the restore to a FAT partition just wouldn’t even start.

So … is anyone having any problems restoring WCP6 images? How about using WCP 6.0.4? I just want to make sure I’m not just spinning my wheels taking WCP6 backups.

– Thanks, Verne

If you switch to block based mode in the preferences in Winclone 6, it should behave exactly the same as prior versions of Winclone.


Change to block mode for backups, restores, or both?

– Verne

The choice only really applies when creating an image, since Winclone will automatically select the restore type based on if a file or block clone was created.