Winclone 6 Backup


I wanted to back up my Win10 (pre-creators’s edition) bootcamp before High Sierra, and discovered that my Winclone 6 (SIP off) would not back up my bootcamp partition to my TB connected Drobo 5D with or without block mode on.

Winclone Pro 5.7.6 seems to have done the job just fine.

The question is, if I have to reformat my 3TB fusion drive on my iMac (2014) 5K and reinstall High Sierra, will either Winclone Pro 5 or Winclone 6 restore my partition?

The last time I tried this (after the creator’s edition hosed my Mac), Winclone 6 was a brick and I had to use Winclone Pro 5 to do the restore. The question is: will Winclone 5 Pro work under High Sierra? And will Winclone 6 ever work properly on my Mac?

Curious minds want to know …

– Verne

Hi Verne,

We do test Winclone 6 on Fusion drives and it does work in both Sierra and High Sierra. Can you give me a bit more information on why it is failing? Also, after it fails, send me the logs from the help menu?


Well, I’m on High Sierra now, have deinstalled Parallels Pro 13, and installed WinClone 6.1.6 and I’ve got a successful block mode backup. I’ve just started a WIM backup (it’s gotten to the Archiving file data phase).

Before, it would hang before it would even start the backup.

Sorry I’ve changed so many factors but I’m rather desperate to get good backups.

At work (iMac 27" 2012) I installed High Sierra which worked fine, then installed 10.13 Supplemental update. This appeared to work fine, but the Supplemental update appeared again and I allowed the App Store to reinstall it and it trashed out my 1TB fusion drive. I’m still trying to delete the Logical Volume Group (encrypted) so I can rebuild it. (Startup Disk wouldn’t allow it to be selected - something about being unable to build/rebuild the boot cache). It doesn’t look good … the LVG delete appears to be hanging at about 20% completion.

At home (Retina iMac 27" 2014 3TB fusion) I installed High Sierra which worked fine, then installed 10.13 Supplemental update. This is working fine, but the App Store is now showing the Supplemental update again (déjà vu) and I want to make sure I can rebuild my setup in case this install goes south.

So … I have two WinClone 6 backups wim and block mode, a Carbon Copy Cloner backup, and a Time Machine backup.

Here’s hoping I won’t need any of them …

– Verne