Winclone 6 Basic will not save image ... "feature not available"

I just upgraded to Winclone 6 Basic and it will not operate. I see my Bootcamp partition in the left panel. When I click on “Save Image” in the right-hand panel, I get the message that says “This Feature is Available Only In Winclone Standard or Winclone Pro.” In other words, Winclone 6 Basic will do absolutely nothing for me.

Winclone 5, installed on the same Mac Pro, works normally and allows me to save a .winclone image.

Why isn’t Winclone 6 functional?

Winclone Basic checks for a single Windows partition and if it finds none or more than one drive that the system says are internal drives, it gives that error message. Try disconnecting any other drives that are MS-DOS or NTFS formatted and see if that resolves the issue. We are going to fix that in an update.