Winclone 6: Cannot share on Network

I have just bought Winclone 6 Standard to Migrate a Bootcamp partition.

I am trying to Migrate over the network between a MacBook Pro early 2011 running macOS Sierra with Windows 10 Creator Edition on Bootcamp and a new iMac 2017 running macOS Sierra also.

Following the Migrating a Bootcamp Partition guide I it seems the preferences pane in Winclone 6 is different from Winclone 4 (my last version) and there is no option to Share Winclone Images on Network check box to tick in the Preferences pane.

I have confirmed that I can browse the Source MacBook Pro’s Bootcamp Partition over the network on the destination iMac’s Finder, so I know I have network connectivity.

Can the “Standard” version support this, or has the feature moved?

We removed the feature in WInclone 6 and recommend deployments use package based deployments or target disk mode. They have proved to be much faster and more reliable. For a single migration, it is usually fastest and easiest to save an image and then restore that image. Here is the migration guide:


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@tperfitt Thank you for the feedback. I have used an external drive to conduct the migration. I’ve got a working Windows Boot Camp partition on my iMac now and am just trying to work through the issues I’m having with the drivers.

Thanks again for your help.

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Referring to the online Winclone instructions before I purchased my new MacBook Pro, I also purchased the appropriate Thunderbolt cables and adaptors to allow me to migrate over the network. In other words, I had planned, based on Winclone’s online instructions, to migrate from my older MacBook to my new MacBook by connecting a Thunderbolt Bridge. After several days of frustration, I have finally read this post. In the meantime I have purchased a 2 TB Seagate Hard Drive in hopes of using that to transfer the image. But Windows demands one type of format for communication and Mac demands another. So I am stuck. I have reached out to my local community in hopes of finding a computer doctor to assist me. The promise of an easy migration has cost me days, and I am now without my work computer.

Sorry about that. Let me know if I can help.