Winclone 6 Crashes in MacOS 10.12.6

I have tried twice to create an image (Windows 7) since upgrading to Winclone 6.0.4 under OS 10.12.6 (Mac Pro mid-2012) without any luck. Winclone 6 has crashed twice. Several months ago I was able to successfully use the previous version of Winclone to create an image (Windows 7) under 10.12.5 Yosemite.

Any ideas why this is happening???

Is it possible to send me the crash log? Should be in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/


Here is the log for the last crash.

and here is the previous crash log.


I think that I sent the Winclone logs versus the crash log from the console so here it is:

FYI, since upgrading from 10.12.3 thru .4, .5. & .6, I have had a lot of bad kernel type crashes. My mail does it quite often.



That logs didn’t come through. I’ll send you a direct message with the email to send the logs.


Thanks for the log. The crash isn’t even happening in thread with any Winclone operations in it, but rather the graphics card:

Thread 1 Crashed:: CVDisplayLink

Do you have an option for a different graphics card or a secondary display you can try? Sounds strange, but there you go.


Thanks for your help Tim. I have taken out the Nvidia card & replaced it with the original AMD. I will try to save an image over the weekend & let you know how it goes. I think this Mac Pro is getting near end of life.

Just wanted to let you know that I was able to successfully create an image after replacing the video card. Thanks for your help.

This perhaps the most obscure issue I have seen. Thanks for letting me know that it was resolved.