Winclone 6 does not react to option "save image"

Try to use Winclone 6 (Basic)
Clicking on “save image”, nothing happens.
I just down loaded 6.1.8 again.
Deleted the previous installation. New install.

No change. “Save image” results in no action.

  • BootCamp is the only one Windows Partition which is there.
  • No other Windows drive is connected to my Mac.

HELP…I bought Winclone 6, I really would like to use it.

(Winclone 3.7 runs fine)

Is this the procedure you followed?

  1. Select the boot camp partition in Sources
  2. Select Save Image… in destinations
  3. Click Save Image.

Can you look in console when you start up Winclone and see if there are any messages printed?


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Thanks for the help.
Very simple, operator error on my side…!!!