Winclone 6 interrupted logout message when creating an image

I am trying to create a Windows image of my Boot Camp partition. I have El Captain installed on my MacBook Air and am running Winclone 6.1.6.

I have tried to create an image twice but I got the following message each time:

Winclone 6 interrupted logout

I submitted to logs to hopefully allow you to figure out what is happening.

The image shows up under Sources on the left side of the Winclone screen, but getting this message tells me that there must be something wrong with the image.

Can you tell me where you get the message? Is it a dialog? That dialog only really shows when something is trying to reboot the machine.


Tim, I click on the C: Windows drive and then click on Save image. Since it takes a while, I do not sit and watch the screen. I am also not using the Mac Air while it is saving the image. About 30% into saving the image, the two messages pop up. If you look at the screen shot, I think I moved the messages up so you can see the progress bar on saving the image.

I checked the screen saver and it is turned off so the screen saver is not interrupting the process. I ran Check Disk prior to imaging the drive and it did not find any issues.

I have tried to image the Boot Camp partition 5 times with Winclone 6 and it always gives the same error messages. I have prior images including a Windows 10 Sysprep image that were created with Winclone 5. I will use Winclone 5 later today to see if I can get it to save an image.

The only difference between prior images and the ones now is that I upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 10 Creator. This was an update to Windows. I did not run an image prior to doing so because I have prior Windows 10 images.