Winclone 6 Save Image hangs

Hi I just bought Winclone in order to migrate my Bootcamp to a new Mac. I’m running High Sierra (10.13.3) on an 27" iMac (the late 2012 model).

Before doing anything, I’m trying to save an image for backup as suggested on the instructions. The software seems to hang in the “Preparing to Save Image” state. The progress bar stops completely, and Activity Monitor shows no CPU usage whatsoever for Winclone (0.0%).

There is no error message. Thanks for your help.

I would recommend switching to block-based imaging and see if that resolves the issue:


Hi, i also just bought winclone 6 and when i try to save an image of my bootcamp partition it starts. but it hangs on 3 percent when i try it in block mode. when i try it in regular mode it says it created a imagefile of a few kb and when i try to restore this image it says it doesn’t contain the correct information.

I am on el capitan (10.11.6) on a mac pro 1.1 with winclone 6 and want to clone my windows 10 bootcamp partition to a larger drive.

i also created a log file, but i don’t now how to put it in this reply.

Gr. Bart

I believe i responded to this in a different post.