Winclone 6 Standard - Unresponsive

I just purchased Winclone 6 Standard for use with my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports).

I fired it up, got it registered. It sees my Boot Camp volume. But the App is none responsive. Buttons on top are grayed out. All of the icons can not be clicked. It’s just listless. Any ideas?

I tried de-registering, and re-registering, thinking this might be an activation issue, but that didn’t change anything.

Screen shot here:

Any help much appreciated.

You should see your boot camp partition appear in the sources. Once you select your boot camp partition, you’ll be able to select the other options.

Does your boot camp partition appear on the desktop? Do you have any 3rd party NTFS drives?

Winclone detects a Windows partition by checking to see if the filesystem is ntfs and if there is a Windows/System32 folder on the boot camp drive. Can you verify that your boot camp partition is mounted in macOS, is showing ntfs as the filesystem (disk utility will show this), and has that folder?


I have the same problem. A brand new iMac i7…

Unresponsive as described above. On the old iMac I am moving from everything works fine, but on the new machine it’s basically dead.

This has given me an idea - I’ll do some testing and report back.

OK - I fixed this (I think). I had not completed the full Boot Camp install. I had made the partition, but not allowed a full Windows install to complete. I guess now I erase the Windows/Boot Camp partition in order to migrate the image from my old machine over…

Does the boot camp partition just not appear in sources? Do you see it in the Finder?