Winclone 6 wants me to upgrade

I bought Winclone 6 Basic because the page claims it has all the basic functions you need to image and restore a bootcamp partition. So, I created the bootcamp image. Now I really need to fully restore it. So I open Winclone 6 and select the Winclone image I want to restore. Then I go to select the destination and bang - Winclone says I have to upgrade. Is it true that Winclone 6 Basic does not restore, or am I doing something wrong? Please help.

Perhaps the problem lays in how I lost the original bootcamp partition. My original SSD was just 128GB. I bought a Transcend 240GB SSD to improve my storage space. I used Winclone to clone the bootcamp partition. I used another cloning App to clone and transfer the Mac HD partition. That transfer worked well except that I could not transfer the recovery partition.

After a bit of work, I was able to create an empty bootcamp partition. I attempted to restore the Winclone bootcamp image using Winclone 6. It actually appeared to start, but then encountered an error due to a MAC OS X boot record protection program. In order to override this protection, I was required to boot into the Mac recovery partition, launch the terminal and execute CSRutiility disable command.

This requires creating a Mac recovery partition. So, I had to download a MAC OS X installer package, and use a custom script to create it. Done. Now I was able to boot into the Mac recovery partition and execute the CSRUtility Disable command. Done. Now I should be able to restore the Winclone image to the bootcamp partition - right?

I open Winclone 6, the winclone image is there. The bootcamp partition is in the destination window. So, I select the winclone image. Then, I click the bootcamp partition to specify it as the destination and immediately Winclone 6 tells me “Feature not available in this edition. Feature not available in this edition. Would you like to UPGRADE Now?”

So, either I was mistaken I my belief that Winclone 6 Basic supports restoring the bootcamp partition. Or, my process of upgrading the SSD is not a true “restore” but perhaps “creating.” Either way, I need some help to understand and complete this process.

Thanks, Jeff

If winclone sees other drives that macOS shows as internal, it would give this error message. Try unplugging any external drives that have MS-DOS or NTFS partitions.