Winclone 7.0.1 Restore of Win 7/32 Image won't boot

I’m only a casual user. After a virus wiped out the partition I erased it and restored an image from 2018. It won’t boot. I only have a black screen on my iMac. I should add I’m guessing that I archived the Bootcamp partition under MacOS Mavericks and I’m currently using High Sierra.

I have no idea how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not familiar with the different versions of Winclone but I sure like the program…I think. It has to restore images to be of value. I’ve been using Winclone since version 3. I’m not paying again if the software doesn’t work. Too much trust is on the line when a backup file can’t really be tested until something goes wrong and the backup is really needed.



Can you give a bit more information? What version on Windows, why type of mac, etc?

Hi- I’m sorry that I missed your reply at first.

My restore is Windows 7/32.

I am using a “Late 2013” 27" iMac, identifier 14,2.

This is the same iMac that created the image file.



I wonder if it is related to SIP. Try disabling SIP from recovery and restoring again and see if that resolves the booting issues.


Thanks for the reply to my problem, and sorry to take so long in replying.

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what SIP is, or how to disable it. Please let me know about these things.

again, thanks for the reply,


Thank you very much. The process looks easy enough in Terminal. I’m using High Sierra for the MacOS.

I had a lot of issues trying to restore the W7 partition back to the same drive. I kept getting error messages regarding the disk. It did restore after almost a dozen attempts.


As a test, i used Winclone 7 to clone and restore a boot camp partition on the 2011 MacBook Air, and it worked fine.